The Ottawa Sikh Society (OSS) was formed as a charitable organization in March 1968. The constitution of the Society was drafted in the same year and has been amended from time to time to improve the efficiency of the OSS and to address the growing needs of Ottawa’s Sikh Community. In August 1974, it was incorporated as a legal entity with Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations, Province of Ontario.


The main objectives of the OSS are:
• to meet religious and socio-cultural needs of the Sikh Community in the greater Ottawa area and the neighbouring communities both in Ontario and Quebec;
• to administer and maintain the functioning of the OSS building built in 1982;
• to establish and maintain a library containing publications related to the philosophy, history and teachings of the Sikh religion;
• to represent the Ottawa area’s Sikh community at national and international socio-political and religious conferences;
• to assist and cooperate with other North American Sikh organizations, and
• to honor individuals and institutions from time for their excellence in the fields of education, welfare, medicine and arts.

The OSS has grown from just 20 members in the early 1970’s to more than 1,000 members in the early 2000’s. Currently it serves more than 5,000 member and non-member Sikhs living in the greater Ottawa area and neighbouring communities.